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Will Tableau Change?

Tableau bought by Salesforce. If we look past the massive price tag, what will be the future for Tableau?

My initial reaction was one of surprise and annoyance. Tabeau has continually evolved over the years, keeping many of our customers happy, whilst Salesforce tends to do the opposite. 

We use all the major visualisation platforms but our default is Tableau because its suitable for so many different solutions.

My experience with Salesforce has been less satisfactory. Probably because of its juggernaut size, it has to accomplish so much for so many, it tends to fail on delivering exactly what our clients want.

However, perhaps the rigour of how Tableau develops its platform can help shape the offering of Salesforce going forwards, especially the current woeful reporting.

From our perspective, we’re hoping that Tableau remains focused on its R&D strengths. One to keep an eye on.

See more in our visualisation of the price tag or read more at Bloomberg.

Louis Keating – Principal Consultant

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