Become a data ninja

We can help you understand the basics of all things data and analysis. We offer in-house consulting to guide your company on its data journey.

We also offer training for those less data-savvy staff members. This includes how teams need to collaborate to make the most of their data assets but also hands-on training on tools such as Excel to improve team efficiency.

Data Discovery

  • Fundamental steps (Understand what you have, what you don’t, how tables connect and where the problems are)
  • Data cleansing (Deduplication, merging and manipulation)
  • Single Customer View (The basics of how and why you would do this)
  • Data to collect and why
  • Data you can append and why
  • Segmentation / RFM methodologies
  • Using data for campaign planning and results
  • Predictive modelling and how it’s used
  • How to extract insights from your data

Dashboards and visualisation

  • Fundamental steps (Understanding stakeholder requirements and your data environment)
  • Best practice (Designing a dashboard template and implementing into a live environment)
  • Choosing the right tool (Tableau / Qlikview / PowerBI / Google Analytics / Excel)

Google Analytics

  • The best standard reports
  • Building a business plan with Targets and KPIs
  • Marco and Micro conversions
  • Creating Goals and Events
  • Custom Reports
  • Advanced Segments
  • Linking Adwords to Google Analytics
  • Using Google Analytics for a deeper dive into Adwords

Testing and Benchmarks

  • Building a testing plan
  • How to set benchmarks for yourself and against others
  • Competitive Intelligence

Data Analyst tools

  • Excel
  • MySQL / Microsoft SQL
  • R
  • Tableau / Qlikview

Team collaboration when using data

  • How to communicate data insights to a non-technical audience
  • Building the right processes for sharing data analysis
  • Identifying problems and roadblocks in an organisation

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