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Makeover Monday Visualisations

Every Monday, a group of enthusiasts spend 1 hour re-working a visualisation. Here are a few examples of ours. #MakeoverMonday



Consulting and Strategy

  • End to end – Database design, implementing analytical and reporting tools and integration into personalised and dynamic campaign delivery.
  • Reporting set up, integration and delivery (online and offline solutions).
  • Data best practice within organisations.
  • Review of analytical solutions to help drive business objectives.
  • Campaign planning for a new product launch or customer journeys.

Analysis and Reporting

  • Data audit of client data sources to provide actionable business insights.
  • Building segmentation solutions using customer and transactional data.
  • Predictive modelling to help find the best customers or those most likely to churn.
  • Dashboard solutions including dynamic and interactive reports with Tableau.

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