What is Consciousness? - Article Analysis

what is consciousness

 This fascinating and thought provoking article discusses human consciousness and the reality that we are all simply data processing machines without matter beyond our physical presences and structures. 

Despite the harrowing nature of the message entailed, the author does shed some light, drawing on a physicist’s work which suggests there is a state of matter called perceptronium - atoms arranged so they can process information and consequently give rise to subjectivity. 

Weirdly enough, this hypothesis suggests, through the use of dense mathematics, that devices like thermostats and DVD players might in fact have consciousness or be privy to having a subjective self! 

With recent exposures like the Cambridge Analytica scandle, we’ve seen how easy it can be to manipulate people with technology. Although theirs is a dark story, it really does highlight the power of understanding the data you have about your customers and utilising the tools and techniques for talking to them about relevant topics in a timely manner. In the case of consciousness, it could entail the empowering of people through their own data, creating greater purpose and pushing the envelope to discover what we truly value and desire.

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CommentaryJack Sloman