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Makeover Monday Visualisations

Every Monday, a group of enthusiasts spend 1 hour re-working a visualisation. Here are a few examples of ours. #MakeoverMonday


We are:

Problem solvers who use data analysis techniques to help clients identify the possibilities in their data; refining them into profitable opportunities.

Agnostic to data tools and enjoy making the complex simple. Our speciality is in the data visualisation space as we believe this is the simplest way to understand data and insights.

A boutique consultancy, working across different verticals and areas of data strategy and analytics. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, available to help at any time and a reliable resource for advice and best practice.

In the simplest terms, we take complicated data and create recommendations and insights back to you, that are understandable, usable and have an ROI for your business.

Dashboards / Business Intelligence 

  • We help clients design their dashboards from scratch, using wireframes and workshop sessions.
  • Working with stakeholders to understand the key business objectives.
  • Providing direction or being hands-on data analysts e.g. we can jump on the tools to directly investigate and manipulate data as required.
  • Tool agnostic, so are happy to build dashboards in Tableau, Power BI, Qlik among others.

Data analytics and strategy consulting

  • End to end – Database design, implementing analytical and reporting tools and integration into personalised and dynamic campaign delivery.
  • Reporting set up, integration and delivery (online and offline solutions).
  • Data best practice within organisations including training for both technical and non-technical teams.
  • Review of analytical solutions to help drive business objectives.
  • Campaign planning for a new product launch or customer journeys.

Data analysis

  • Data audit of data sources to provide actionable business insights.
  • Building segmentation solutions using customer and transactional data e.g. RFM, clustering / unstructured ML techniques.
  • Predictive modelling to help find the best customers or those most likely to churn e.g. multiple regression, logistic regression, random forest techniques.

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