Sydney's Suburban Growth - Article Analysis

sydney's suburban population growth data analysis

 This article firstly showcases an interactive map of Sydney’s suburbs, highlighting an alarming growth rate for many inner-city suburbs. As a result of a mismatch between tenant demands and the supply of affordable housing, this trend is seeing a huge number of young families and immigrant populations being priced out of these inner-city suburbs. Of the worst affected, Camden will need to increase its dwelling requirements by over 134% at the current rate, with people attracted to its proximity to local transport lines and relatively affordable prices. 

This has huge relevance for not only the future of Sydney siders, but also for the future of businesses. With well-established, disgruntled neighbourhoods fighting against the densification of their suburbs, businesses and entrepreneurs will need to find ways to maintain livelihoods whilst accommodating for far greater suburban populations. A greater reliance on the sharing economy will be necessary to optimise resources and create more efficient urban centres. The government will need to work with development authorities to analyse housing data in a way that produces fewer mismatches, encourages more cultural diversity and considers the broader property needs of residents, rather than those with the most cash to splash. 

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CommentaryJack Sloman